About Us

Our enterprise started in  2006 when, after years of studies and research conducted on our territory, we decided to renew the antique tradition of Stigliano pasta makers and bring back to  light the former glory of our homeland. That's how our Fattincasa production was born. 

Now we can propose you the highest quality pasta. It became possible also thanks to wonderful and effective collaborations we used over the  years with our Lucanian partners: Innocenzo Careccia, the head miller of the historical Sarubbi factory; Giacinto Padula, a well known pasta  producer of Matera; Innocenzo Colangelo, a fantastic entrepreneur from Stigliano, a pioneer of the  revival of Senatore Cappelli grain. Each of them provided a special support to our activity guiding us on our way to the best techniques of production. 

Fattincasa is the fruits of our careful and persistent work on the revival  of the traditions of pasta makers of the past times. And furthermore it is a realization of our dream: reviving the traditional pasta that always represented the uniqueness and excellence of our land.

The special pride of our enterprise is the possession of very important biological certificates such as Agricoltura Biologica, Ismecert, Usda Organic. 

Our Values

Respect for the Environment

Being tied to our roots we are very much concerned about preserving the environment. That's why we promote the antique method of producing pasta, at the same time using the most avant-garde technologies to minimize all the impacts upon the nature. 

We protect the environment in many different ways such as:

- All the processes of production strictly correspond to the European legislation and rules that exclude possibility of usage of any substances harmful  to the environment.

- Reduction of all environmental impacts and prevention of any types of pollution using "green" technologies that decrease the consumption of energy and reduce possible negative effects of production processes

- All post production wastes are reworked under complete control in order to apply recycling technologies as much as it is possible at all steps of the process

- Involvement of the personnel and healthy environment at work places. We pay attention to letting every worker know and understand the importance of environment care. We always underline that it depends on every single worker of the enterprise and the actions and responsibility of everyone are crucial for maintaining  healthy conditions at their work places and in their land in general.

- We hold guided visits to our factory for the public in order to awaken as much interest as possible to the modern green technologies that we use. 

Developing our Territory

Discovering and developing  the productive and gastronomic traditions of our region are the most important objective of Fattincasa.

We understand that it is essential to begin with the ancient knowledge and tradition in order to protect our land  and open new perspectives for its growth. Not to imitate things done by  others but to develop what we  do and what is ours, what is coming from our own roots, our culture and makes part of our identity.

One of the pillars of this identity is exactly production of ancient durum wheat and pasta of high quality. We have been among the best in this field for years. Our aim is to promote and to develop this excellence that has been always the heritage of the Stigliano region.



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