Organic Handcrafted Pasta from South Italy

The Wheat

Pasta di Stigliano is produced with the use of special types of durum wheat that take their roots in the antique traditions of grain production of Lucano region: Senatore Capelli and Saragolla Lucana. These two varieties are cultivated and milled in the same location and they are among rare antique types of wheat that remain original in their nature and genetic structure.

The Manifacturing

Our delicious pasta starts with very careful selection of the best grains able to  give a special taste and quality to our precious products.

These antique sorts of grain are cultivated in the Lucanian lands and their impressive quality is enriched by a special traditional milling after which the meal goes straight to the factory where the production process starts. 

The Tradition

The vast hilly area of Stigliano has the soil and climate conditions  very favourable for agriculture and growing of traditional and high quality grain.

Being historically in possession of such exceptional raw material, the region developed the art of milling a long time ago and  it actually became the base of its economy in the 900s.


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